Friday, May 27, 2011

Moments in the Dance

Our lives are defined by moments, especially the ones we never see coming.

"Life is one big moment made up of many tiny moments, and those tiny moments truly do matter most.  Even just the expression on your face may speak to the souls of those who are watching you dance.  Your smile and the light in your eyes may be enough for them to take notice."  Shannon Kubiak Primicerio in The Divine Dance  (p. 42)

Quite some time ago I was driving home from work and heard a song on the radio (love my CBC!).  It was a song by Carolyn Arends - Dance Like No One's Watching.  (It was the beginning of one of my musical addictions.  I love her music and my CD collection demonstrates that.  Oh well, there are worse addictions, I suppose.)  That song spoke to my heart.  I want to dance like no one's watching.  I am a very self-conscious and reluctant dancer (except to dances with "rules") so I envy the freedom others seem to have.  But this song speaks to so much more than dancing.  It speaks to living.  I want to live for the One who really matters, the One who is leading the dance.  I believe I am getting better at this, at being the person God created me to be and dancing the dance He has set before me. 

As a part of this dance, I continue my list of gifts - of the tiny moments that are part of the main moment, of the dance of life.

131) the promise held in wild strawberry blossoms
132) breakfast with a dear friend
133) answers to prayer
134) budding and blossoming irises

135) the delightful aroma of freesias
136) the memories the sweet aroma of freesias evokes - memories of a year lived in Sydney, Australia

137) yet another surprise delivery of flowers
138) the love carried by that gift (thanks M and K)
139) praying with and for friends
140) the sheer delight of crawling into a bed that has been freshly made with clean sheets (I know, it's been said before, but the delight never gets old!)

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