Friday, May 20, 2011

1000 Gifts

And the list goes on.....
90) free concerts
91) birthdays
92) bouquets of flowers delivered to the door
93) tables full of bedding plants in the greenhouses
94) water bottles
95) grandmothers
96) great news from the doctor
97) vanilla
98) cinnamon
99) curried chicken quinoa salad (Thanks, S.B.)
100) toasted almonds
101) exploring somewhere new
102) gerbera daisies
103) fresh basil
104) working together with other people
105) surprise visitors
106) toothpaste and toothbrushes
107) loved ones rejoicing over my good news - "Hallelujah" says my dad.
108) surprise gift of a pedicure
109) the warm feeling caused by catching a glimpse of these toes
110) the satisfaction of finishing a book
111) the eagerness and anticipation of beginning a new book
112) cards made by small children
113) a small child inviting me to play with her
114) reading glasses
115) friends doing for me what I am currently unable to do for myself
116) thanking others
117) finishing the dishes
118) the sweet feeling of resting my weary head upon a soft pillow
119) anticipating the joy of creating things with fabric

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