Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For today....

For today:
   - I am thankful for the visits I had yesterday and for the love that was shown in those visits.  I am so incredibly thankful for my community and my support!
   - I am wearing black capri yoga pants and a purple T-shirt.  Yup, yoga pants are my uniform right now.  But it would be nice to find some that aren't black as I believe spring is really here and black is sure hot in the sunshine!  (And, yes, this is what I wore yesterday, too.  Except that I dressed up a bit for my one short excursion of the day.)
   - I am going for lunch with my cousin and her adorable 6 year old.  (How did he get to be 6?)  I am so looking forward to really visiting with her.  It's been quite the month for both of us.  And, since neither of us can cook or do much right now, going out seems like a great plan.
   - I am hearing the silence in my house.  In the past I almost always had the radio on when I was home.  This last month (and more) it has been quiet in my house most of the time.  I have started to put music on more often, but still not the radio.  I'm not sure why CBC hasn't been part of my days lately.  Maybe what's happening outside my house just doesn't seem as important to me.  That will change.  And maybe silence and peace is more what I need right now.
   - In the kitchen nothing is happening.  Well, except for boiling water in the kettle, heating food in the microwave, searching the freezer to see what gift of food I want to eat today (thanks, wonderful community!), and the occasional washing of dishes.  
   - One of my favourite things is playing with fabric.  And I have done a little of that these last couple of days.  I have found a new infatuation with making bags.  I made 4 in the last 4 days, finishing them up this morning.  (There have to be some benefits of waking up early - although 6:00 is a definite improvement in that regard.) Yesterday, I used the first bag I made and got lots of compliments on it.  So much fun!
These are the same two bags.  They're just reversible.  (Sorry for the shadows.  I'm not feeling patient enough to wait until the sun is a little higher.  Besides, that's when I want to sit outside and read.) 

Again, these bags are the same two bags.  And, while the orangish one looks like the first one I made, I like it better because I figured out how to do stripes more effectively.  And the green one has one of the same fabrics as one above.  I actually really love them all and I am having a difficult time choosing which two to keep for myself.  Do I really even need two?  Yup, right now I think I do.

   - One thing I know for sure is that I am loved.  Loved by God who has given me so much peace and joy in this detour in the journey.  Loved by family who have been there every step of the way.  Every one.  Loved by friends who have shown me so much incredible love and compassion.  Loved by students and colleagues (see above). 
   - I am praying that I don't develop Spiritual Alzheimers.  (Thanks, Ann Voskamp for that term.)  I don't want to forget all that I have been reminded of and all that I have learned along this detour.

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