Monday, May 30, 2011

For today.....

For today,
I am praying for several of my neighbours who are struggling in different ways.  And I am praying for wisdom and peace as I make a decision about going back to work to finish the school year. 

Around the house are piles of books to read, piles of movies to watch, piles of fabric to sew.

One of my favourite things is pesto - and I enjoyed some tonight.  Yum!

What I know for sure is that it feels good to bring order to even a little part of my house.  Just a little part.  But it feels good.

 Outside my window the sun was shining today and there was blue sky.  After last week, I couldn't get enough of it - and felt incredibly grateful for the gift.

I am thankful that I was able to join my family in celebrating my grandma's 95th birthday.  We had a delightful time together on Saturday. 

From the kitchen comes the aroma of pesto pizza.  I cooked my own supper for the first time in months.  Yes, it was an easy supper.  But, boy, was it tasty!

 I am wearing capris. a T-shirt, and a fleece jacket (because even though it is the end of May, it is still quite unseasonably chilly and I'm tired of having the furnace going).

 I am reading three different books:  1) a devotional on the Psalms, 2) a book by Phil Callaway, and 3) Irma Voth by Miriam Toews.

I am going to buy bedding plants tomorrow - and I am so excited about that.  Hopefully I can maintain a sense of reality and restrain my buying.

And my list of 1000 gifts continues -
141) beautiful little birds with red heads sitting in the tree
142) intermittent windshield wipers
143) sunshine after rain
144) the delightful aroma of spring on a warm evening
145) walking with my sister
146) trees full of purple and pink blossoms
147) watching a dog and a child run with delight through the grass (yes, even a non-doglover can find pleasure in that)
148) appreciating the artistic expressions of others
149) enjoying Emily Carr's artwork with 2 of my sisters
150) celebrating my grandmother's 95th birthday

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