Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Very Special Card

It was Mother's Day almost two weeks ago.  I am not a mother.  But I am an aunt.  I spent Mother's Day at my parents' house.  Two of my sisters were also there that weekend.  They are not mothers either.  We are very blessed to have seven nephews and nieces in our lives.  One of them found a lovely card and it was delivered to us.  We felt incredibly loved!

I haven't sat down and added more to my "official" list of gifts.  But here are 8 more to add:

- the love of family
- seven absolutely wonderful nephews and nieces!

Quilt Festival - Aunts and Nieces

Last summer I had the wonderful pleasure of helping my niece make a baby quilt for her fiancĂ©'s niece.  It was so much fun going shopping for fabric and working through the process with her.  Looking back on it, the experience was even richer in tradition for us.  The first quilt I ever made was with my aunt.  I was 17 and she helped me make a quilt for my bed, a tied quilt that I still have today!  So my aunt helped me (her niece).  And I helped my niece make a quilt for her (almost) niece.  Spending time together working towards a common goal certainly strengthens relationships.  I am so incredibly thankful for family.

Quilt dimensions - approximately 45" x 60"
backing - lovely soft minkee-like fabric with the lovely dots found in strips on the front
quilted by me

My niece and I have picked out material for her wedding gift quilt.  I am looking forward to the process of making the quilt for the two of them.

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Quilt Festival - purple majesty

It's time for the blogger's quilt festival again.  I've been enjoying the posts and the inspiration from the quilts!  My list of things to try just keeps getting longer.  Thanks to all!

Here is one of my finished quilts.  It's a quilt I made for a cousin's wedding.  She loves purple, so purple it would be.  I was surprised how hard it was for me to find purples that I liked.  But I LOVE the result.  I kind of want to make another one - for me.  I hope you like it.  But the most important thing to me really is that Alena and Chris like it.  I just love how quilts can bring love to those who receive them.

Quilt made with Rectangle Squared tutorial from Film in the Fridge.  Thank you!
Quilt is approximately 64" square.
Quilted by Devon Lavigne of Prairie Quilt Mercantile

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh what a day!

It was a day to savour.  A day to relish.  A day to delight and absorb.  Spring seems to be here.  And what a gift that is.  I guess when you have to wait for something, when you have to long for something, it is more precious when it comes.  Today was a precious and delight-full day.  A day filled with gifts from God, lots of little gifts that brought a smile to my heart and showed me that God is at work and ever present.  Aaah.  It is good.

My list of gifts continues.....
1795) celebrating Grandma's 97th birthday
1796) time with family
1797) hugs from family
1798) safety on the road
1799) a reliable vehicle
1800) sewing (well, cutting fabric) with my aunt
1801) sewing with friends

1802) an afternoon with a friend
1803) dinner with friends
1804) seeing students make good choices
1805) evidence of learning and growth
1806) encouragement from parents
1807) peace about a decision (most of the time)
1808) a walk with a friend
1809) Scrabble with a friend
1810) the chorus of frogs in the rushes
1811) seeing the frogs

1812) the billowing frogs' eggs in the water

1813) pussy willows
1814) grape hyacinths beginning to bloom
1815) tulip buds
1816) and tulips from the store
1817) home-made granola

1818) a simmering pot of soup on the stove
1819) real food

1820) satisfaction of cleaning up the flower beds
1821) needing to wash dusty soil off myself after yard work
1822) encouragement from a colleague
1823) encouragement and prayers from fellow church members - for my sister
1824) needing sunglasses
1825) having sunglasses
1826) refreshing water
1827) clean sheets
1828) reading