Friday, May 6, 2011

1000 Gifts

The Banner (a monthly church magazine) arrived at my door today.  In it was an article called "Return to Wonder" by Simon Cunningham.  Of course, it was one of the first parts I read in the magazine. 

"The world is steeped in unknown and thick with miracles.......Remember Annie Dillard's realization that nothing shines brighter than what it reflects.  All this beauty is the canvas of an even more beautiful God."

And so my list of 1000 gifts continues, pieces of the canvas to show the most beautiful God.

53) being able to drive again
54) raspberries
55) eating lunch in the sunshine
56) bright yellow daffodils
57) mail delivered to my door
58) home delivery of newspapers
59) libraries
60) indoor plumbing
61) tulips

62) the promise closed flower buds hold

63) stories that make me laugh
64) laughing
65) a cousin released from the hospital
66) watching a daughter eagerly greet her mother by climbing into the van to hug her before her mother can even get out of the van
67) pink sky in the morning
68) Contigo water bottles
69) fleece blankets
70) sunlight catching the edges of tulip bulbs
71) spring rain
72) watching a child do cartwheels and walkovers on her front lawn
73) crawling into a bed with clean sheets - delightful!

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