Thursday, May 19, 2011


…hope is a fundamental part of the human condition, a characteristic inherent in our species.  …..I have come to think that hope may be the missing and defining element of our natures.  Because we have the ability to contemplate the future and compare it to the images our imaginations conjure, and because of our stubborn un-uprootable expectation that the machinery will continue to function, we have hope.  Anne Giardini in The Sad Truth About Happiness  (p. 62)
Hope.  Such a powerful word.  Such an important word.  While I like the quote above, it is missing something very important.  The real reason we can have hope.  And that is that we are NOT alone.  God is with us in all circumstances.  Not only that, but God is the giver of hope, the author of hope, the reason we can feel hopeful.
Hope.  My Facebook profile picture is a picture of a pillow (much like the one above, but in a different colour scheme).  It reads "Hope."  I am so incredibly grateful that God gave me a spirit of hope as I walked the detour of this spring.  My hope (yes, I use that word deliberately) is that I continue to walk through life, experiencing and demonstrating hope.

Hope.  Such a little word.  But it certainly packs a huge punch!

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