Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 gifts

“Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we sense them.  The least we can do is try to be there.”   Annie Dillard

My quest to be there marches on as I seek to sense the beauty and grace God blesses us with daily.
The list of 1000 gifts continues.
74) "play-dates" with friends
75) playing with fabric
76) trying something new - a new pattern
77) using something I thought was a mistake and turning it into something beautiful

78) raindrops clinging to pine needles
79) the gentle rippling sound of a river running by
80) being inside the house and listening to distant thunder rolling through the sky
81) finishing a project (see picture above)
82) creating!  (again - see picture above)
83) hugs (Yes, I know this has already been on the list.  But, really, do they ever get old?)
84) spring rain that brings out the worms
85) grape hyacinths blooming
86) white chocolate
87) peanut butter and honey on toast
88) sunshine after the rain
89) electricians

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