Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happiness and Contentment

"Happiness has many aspects and comes in more guises than we may readily recognize.  Contentment is a purring, low-maintenance kind of happiness; it is happiness without the energy to aspire to joy.  Glee is hopped-up happiness, happiness on a tear.  Nostalgia is the craft of discerning happiness in the past, just as hope is all wrapped up in happinesses that are anticipated in the future."                                                            Anne Giardini on p. 12 in the P.S. section of her book The Sad Truth About Happiness
Today has been a day of contentment, of purring.  It's been a quiet day.  I went to church where I learned, worshipped, and received love.  I will admit that I have often skipped church on Mother's Day as it's been kind of hard.  It hasn't helped when all the mothers and wives were asked to stand up - and I don't fit either.  I love my life and feel blessed, but it doesn't feel good to have the fact that I'm not a wife or a mother spelled out loud and clear for me.  But today wasn't like that.  It was good to be in church, worshipping God with my church family.  I'm glad I listened to that inner voice compelling me to go. 
So what has made this a day of contentment - besides church.  I wished my mother a Happy Mother's Day - in 3 ways (through Facebook - which I thought she would never see as she never checks her facebook, through e-mail, and by phone).  I sat and listened to Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe (one of my favourite Sunday afternoon activities).  I sat in my favourite chair and read.  Delightful and relaxing.  I finished a sewing project that I had started on Friday.  And now I want to make more of these!  (Guess what my mom will get for Mother's Day.  Yes, it will be late, but who cares.  That's the way my family operates most of the time.)  I played with some designs for invitations I was asked to design.  That was fun.  I was about to head for my daily walk (all 10 - 15 minutes of it these days), but it's raining now, so I'll have to wait.  My contentment helps make that not matter at all.   It's been a great day. 
These two pictures are the same bag.  It's reversible.  I made it with a pattern and instructions from the Spring 2011 issue of Quilts and More.

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