Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprising Gifts

In celebration of gifts, here are three from today.

My Christmas Cactus is blooming.  Not so unusual as it does bloom several times a year.  BUT it's Easter time and the symbolism of my Christmas cactus blooming at Easter blows me away.  Easter is, after all, the fulfillment of Christmas.  The two need each other for the meaning and the gift to be complete.  What a gift.

A week ago, one of my students brought over a blanket that she and her Grandma had made for me.  She had also had the rest of the class put their handprints and names on it - calling it a hug from the class.  How special that gift is.  I sat out on my front step in the sun this morning, with that hug warming my legs.  Absolutely delightful.  Thanks, J.B.

And the third gift was a quilt that arrived via Canada Post yesterday.  A gift from a former student.  What an expression of love and care.  Thanks, E.K.

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