Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Orchestra in My Life

Tonight I was given the gift of going to the symphony.  (Thanks, J.)  As I sat there and watched and listened, I had thoughts about the correlation of the orchestra and the choir to people in my life.  These may not be formulated completely, but here goes.  (And, I'm certain they are not completely original - in that others may have made these comparisons before, but I'm okay with that.)
1)  There are many different instruments in the orchestra, different voices in the choir.  There are many different people who are playing into my life right now.  Family.  Friends.  Colleagues.  (And I am blessed to have colleagues who are also friends!)  Neighbours.  People from the school community.  People from the church community.  Friends of my family.  I could go on, but I won't.

2)  These instruments are sometimes playing all at once, creating powerful music that soothes and calms or music that incites a playful spirit or music that storms the gates of heaven or something inbetween.

3)  Sometimes only a few instruments are playing at once, their gifts shining brightly into my life.

4)  The different groups of instruments take turns playing the melody.  While one group plays the melody and carried the song, the others play the harmony, supporting and deepening the music.  While one group takes the forefront in my life, the others remain playing, but more quietly and in the background.

5)  Even within one group of instruments, there are different techniques used to create the music.  Just as different members of my orchestra play into my life in different ways and at different times.

6)  As the orchestra played, my mind was free to wander and thoughts were free to percolate.  As my orchestra of support has played into my life, I have been freed to rest, to savour, to be fed (and not just physically), and to ponder.  What a gift.

Portions of the lyrics from the symphony -
Mahler's Resurrection Symphony
The loving God will grant me a little light,

Which will light me into that eternal blissful life!


O believe, my heart, O believe:

Nothing to you is lost!

That for which you suffered,

To God will it lead you!

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