Monday, January 7, 2013

Pleasant surprises

I love how little things show up at times when they are needed.  How words are shared that speak to my soul.  Yesterday was one of those times again.  Not only was I blessed to be at church with my community, but I was given some words that speak to my soul.  Words that speak to my heart.  Words that speak to me.  

I don't know exactly where the words come from, but they are attributed to C.S. Lewis. 

"I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation."

I hadn't thought of it that way before.  But simply noticing and remarking on good things does just that.  It completes and deepens the enjoyment and the richness of the gift.

My list of gifts continues....

1573) encouragement through the words of others
1574) hugs from students
1575) candied ginger
1576) pleasantly surprised when things aren't as chaotic as I'd expected
1577) being blessed by being at church
1578) time with friends
1579) being able to help friends
1580) time with family
1581) watching students learn
1582) watching students learn new skills
1583) hearing how a gift was helpful the very day it was received
1584) exploring the city with friends
1585) exploring the city with family
1586) laughing and playing games with family
1587) the C-Train
1588) flexibility and generosity of others
1589) the sheer delight of sitting on a couch and being joined by children - one who leans on my shoulder and one who climbs on my lap - Aaaah, what a delightful feeling!

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