Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life .....NOW

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you might miss it.

I saw this saying in a store window in the mountains today.  I'm so glad I took some time to look around today.  It was an absolutely delight-full day in the mountains.  Even with some sunshine.  I really need to do that more often.

But even the every day life brings moments to stop and look around.  Moments in the now that I need to notice and be grateful for.  Life is filled with blessings from God.  With moments that point to Him.  Life is good.

The things I've noticed this past week.....
1623) yellow tulips given by a parent
1624) sewing afternoon with my aunt
1625) trying new recipes
1626) using produce from my garden - in January!
1627) delight with the happy quilt I'm working on - pictures to follow 
1628) tea with my aunt
1629) a delightful day in the mountains
1630) a day with a friend
1631) snow covered mountains against blue sky
1632) snow sparkling like diamonds
1633) spicy food
1634) pomegranate seeds
1635) silk long johns
1636) watching ice artists at work
1637) amazing ice sculptures
1638) the warmth of a fire
1639) dry, ice-free highways
1640) dinner with friends
1641) love and encouragement from a school family at the next table
1642 - 1658) photos of moments in time - moments of NOW

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