Sunday, February 26, 2012


This weekend I unearthed a piece of paper from one of our staff devotions earlier this year.  A colleague had put up all kinds of pictures and asked us to go around the room, finding one that spoke to us.  There was so much variety in the pictures that it was difficult to choose.  But I did find one.  It was a photograph of a woman pointing.  It struck me that I wanted to be that woman.  I want to be a woman who points to God.  I want to show where I see God in my life.  I want to be a woman who points out the gifts God has given to others and one who points out the goodness in situations.  Sometimes I also need to have others pointing for me.  I need to have my eyes opened to see and to look for God.

The woman in the photograph had a calm, and yet excited, look on her face.  I want/need that.  I am continuing to strive to BE STILL, so that I can become more like that woman.  The challenge continues to be balancing the BEING and the DOING.

My list of gifts continues......

887) popcorn
888) long weekends
889) observing a wise colleague dealing with student issues
890) encouragement from colleagues
891) technicians who can set up wireless internet
892) wireless and secure internet
893) word games
894) being able to bless someone else the way I have been blessed by others
895) the generosity of others in giving time
896) the generosity of others in thinking of my needs (Thanks, B.K.)
897) being inspired at convention
898) the pleasant surprise of creating a pleasing piece of art
899) learning a simply art technique to use with students
900) the huge heartfelt hug meeting up with a friend I hadn't seen since summer time (Thanks, J.R.)
901) experiencing complete confusion during an activity during a workshop - which will help me understand anew when children feel lost
902) lunch with colleagues
903) rides with colleagues
904) successfully taking public transit home (something I do extremely rarely)
905) the passion of others - coming through in their presentations
906) walking through the exhibits and realizing how muchI already have and that I don't need anything more
907) Skyping with two of my sisters
908) figuring out how to download an e-book from the library (although I'm not so sure I like reading that way, to be honest)
909) a colleague/friend gently reminding me of the gift of my life (Thanks, G.E.)
910) Saturday morning - still in pyjamas, chai tea in hand, listening to Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe
911) the prospect of a day with no demands or "to do" lists (or at least the prospect of ignoring these)
912) the excitement of students for things they're working one - so much so that several took the work home to work on
913) the gift of rest
914) walking down the hall, or across the field and having a small hand slip into my hand
915) hugs in the hall from former students
916) growing relationships with students, the relationships becoming stronger as we spend more time together
917) great news a colleague received about her dad's health
918) roaming the crowds of teachers at convention and periodically seeing familiar face and exchanging smiles and greetings as we passed each other
919) finishing a bag for my computer
920) the sound of silence
921) peanut butter on toast
922) the satisfaction of having fresh homemade lunches (pizza rolls) in the freezer, ready to get me through report card season

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