Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Light and Dark

I've been thinking about light and dark a lot lately. Partly because that's the science unit we just finished. Partly because it was just Christmas and light is a huge part of that time. Partly because it's winter, and the light is starting to come back. One of my colleagues made a thought-provoking statement on Monday (although she is prone to those and does so on a regular basis). She commented that darkness is most often looked at negatively and she thinks that there is a lot of good in the shadows. It's not all bad in the shadows. I think she's right. After all we wouldn't see the stars if not for the dark. We wouldn't see the moon and its changes if not for the dark. Darkness makes the light seem brighter. And that's a good thing.

Some of the good things I see - in the light of day and in the dark of night when I slow down and try to be still.....more gifts...

802) the insights of children
803) the gift of the written word
804) phrases that evoke emotion
805) dinners out with special people (J.S. and K.M.)
806) hugs and cuddles with dear girls
807) dinner with family (after being forgiven for forgetting to come for tea after work - oops!)
808) sunlight sparkling on the snow, looking like a carpet of diamonds
809) successful lessons - students working and learning
810) a bus so we didn't have to walk to the arena in frigid weather
811) fog on a winter morning, resulting in lacy dusts of frost on trees and plants
812) weather " warming up" enough that running errands isn't such a chore
813) being able to help a friend forget her anger and frustration for a few hours
814) energy to do a few things
815) talking on the phone with my mom and one of my sisters
816) encouragement from colleagues
817) nights of good, deep sleep
818) the sense of community I feel when I run into people I know when running errands
819) the feeling of satisfaction after tidying things up
820) a parent who offered to teach the skating lesson when I was nervous about being on the ice in my boots
821) coming home after a brisk winter walk and curling up in my favourite chair with a magazine and a cup of chai tea
822) sunny blue Alberta skies
823) yummy new recipe - and it's incredibly easy
824) my rotary cutter and cutting mat
825) having fabric scraps to use to make an iPad case
826) delighting in a new book to read -STATE OF WONDER
827) a new sweater for a ridiculously low price
828) hugs and laughter with children after church
829) celebrating communion
830) conversations at church
831) hugs from young and "less young" after church
832) the way prayer can settle my heart and calm my nerves
833) completing a very challenging quilt challenge (yes, I know I used the word challenge twice - deliberately so
834) dinner with colleagues - spontaneous plans (thanks C.V., K.G., and S.B.)
835) completing some marking and recording
836) students demonstrating confidence with a skill they didn't think they'd learn
837) the surprise of enjoying a book I didn't think I would like (Yes, I judged a book by its cover.)
838) finishing making an iPad cover - and loving it!
839) online tutorials
840) the joy of creating and the interplay of colour
841) coming home to a clean house
842) cards and e-mails from friends
843) my microwave rice cooker that cooks yummy brown rice in 18 minutes
844) gift cards
845) finding a new winter coat for an AMAZING deal - and it's even sort of dressy
846) browsing through my quilting magazines
847) completing some household chores that had been waiting for me
848) a weekend with time to be still
849) tea with friends and catching up on life
850) clean laundry
851) cozy blankets comforting me when I'm awake and can't sleep
852) a spontaneous hug from a student I wouldn't have expected one from
853) positive meetings with parents

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