Sunday, March 25, 2012


That's really all there is to say.  Wow.  Where did this month go?  Oh, wait.  I know.  Report cards.  Conferences.  I know, I know, there should be life outside of school.  And I try.  I know I need time to be still.  I did take time to be still.  But that was out of fatigue rather than taking time to reflect on things.  And now I'm on a break.  I will take time to regroup, to restore, to be still and know that God is God.  Aaaah.  It will be good.

During this past month I did find a quote that I rather like.  It's from an author who I rather like.  Maybe I should pull out one of his books that sit on my shelves.  Yes, there are books on my shelves that I haven't read.  More than I would like to admit.  When I buy them, I have great intentions of reading them.  And then I go to the library and find others that are an easier read - and I choose those ones instead.  Enough said.

Here's the quote - from Max Lucado.  And I have no idea anymore where I found it.

Use the uniquenesss of you to make a big deal of God every day of your life.

That's it.  But that's a tall order.  I'm working on it.  I think it's a lifelong process, I'm afraid.  On second thought, maybe that's a good thing.  I don't ever want to feel like I have arrived.

And the list of 1000 gifts continues.  Getting closer to that 1000!  But that won't be the end.

924) coming into a warm home after shovelling snow
925) a crescent moon and 2 bright planets shining in the night sky
926) a quiet city - where sound is muffled by the fresh snowfall
927) Rye Triscuits and cheese
928) driving into the sun on my way to work - because it means the sun is rising earlier!
929) the first bit of a freshly cooked homemade felafel - and the sigh of delight that oozed out of me
930) parents who give of their time and energy to encourage and support the teachers at school
931) using a strategy learned at convention - and seeing evidence of student learning and knowledge
932) hope
933) hearing the hope in my brother's voice as he talks about a new medical procedure which may help him see
934) a walk in the sunshine - one that refreshes my mind and spirit
935) scrambled eggs on a croissant
936) catching snowflakes on my tongue  (Yes, I still try that!  I never want to totally grow up if it means I can't do things like this.)
937) coming home to sidewalks that have been shovelled by a neighbour
938) zoute drops, actually dubbelzout
939) a full moon in the early night sky, glimpsed through the trees as I sat and worked on report cards
940) the delight I felt when I stepped out my back door, looked to the heavens, and saw 2 bright planets
941) watching a bird hop along the sidewalk - do they forget they have wings?
942) sitting in the sun, waiting for a friend - sitting (feeling peace and quiet) in the sun (a gift of a warm day)
943) safe return of my parents from time in California
944) finishing report cards and feeling good about them  (hmmm, maybe that should be two different entries)
945) positive feedback on the report cards from administration
946) dinner with a friend at the end of a busy week
947) full moon shimmering through the clouds
948) breakfast with friends - celebrating a birthday
949) a day exploring and just being with friends
950) stepping out my front door and experiencing a moment of confusion as to what time of year it is - that's how nice it was to feel warmth and hear birds singing
951) hugs at church
952) a day with friends
953) coming home to a clean house
954) an afternoon with one of my sisters
955) talking about God with children
956) finishing a computer bag - and liking it
957) purple pens
958) time off
959) watching children and parents celebrate learning
960) wash and wear hair
961) watching grandparents interact with their grandchildren at school
962) a foggy morning that paints the trees white with frost
963) good conversation with a friend
964) expressions of love and praise from colleagues - on my behalf - for how different this time of year is from last year - Thank you, God, for the new life you gave me
965) lunch with friends
966) praying together for a mutual friend

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