Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas will never end.

The Christmas celebration with my family has ended.  My time with family was wonderful.  We really enjoyed each other's company.  Many of us went to a candlelight service on the 24th before getting together at my brother's house.  What a delight to worship together and then to enjoy our annual book exchange.  It is such a good way that we can all be involved and celebrate.  Christmas dinner was, as always, delightful.  And the game of Catch Phrase afterwards will not be forgotten.  Thanks, Dad, for your contribution to the memories.  And thanks for being able to laugh with us.

The celebration of Christmas is over.  But Christmas is not over - and it never will be.  The true gift - the gift of Jesus is eternal.  And everyday!  What a reason to celebrate each and every day.

My list of gifts continues - heading closer to 1000!
744) a beautiful sunset of reds and oranges
745) a tiny sliver of the moon shining brightly in the deep blue of a winter morning sky
746) a child reaching for my hand
747) the words of encouragement on Christmas cards from students
748) the contentment I felt when I watched my students focused and learning - even during the last few days before holidays
749) the feeling of peace leaving work for a holiday - especially since all my marking is done
750)pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate - and made by a student
751) celebrating a friend's birthday with her - and with other friends
752) finishing mending for my sister (which had been sitting here since the summer and only took 30 minutes to do)
753) anticipating the look on her face when she opened her "gift"
754) packing to go spend Christmas with family
755) an eagle at the side of the highway - close enough to get a good look at
756) arriving "home" to my parents and a sister
757) hugs from nieces and nephews
758) delighting others with gifts
759) playing games with family
760) laughing with family
761) the camaraderie of working together to put together our part of the Christmas dinner
762) finding that elusive puzzle piece I had been searching for (which shouldn't have been hard to find)
763) going for lunch with my parents and a sister - and being served by my beautiful niece
764) completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
765) coming back "home" again to my home
766) lunch with a friend
767) running errands without feeling rushed
768) the opportunity to attend a World Junior Championship hockey game with family

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