Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's thoughts

Today, I’m.....

enjoying the spots of colour that are now nestled into pots on my front step.

praying for wisdom and peace for the decision that I must make about whether or not I go back to work for the end of this school year.

feeling satisfied that my hands dug into some soil - and a little sore because I put my hands into some soil.

anticipating the sunflowers and sweet peas that a dear friend planted for me today.  (Yes, she did manage to suggest that I sit and watch while she did the work.  I'm sure she was right about that, but it's still hard to do.)

appreciating the gift of time and energy of that same friend who came and planted!  (Thanks so much, G.)

moving a little more gingerly since I seem to have done some movements that maybe I shouldn't have.  Sigh.  Good reminder, though, I guess.

And just for some more appreciating, the list of 1000 gifts continues.
151) chicken pesto pizza
152) the aroma of lily-of-the-valley
153) the sight of lily-of-the-valley in an elegant green vase
154) an elegant green vase
155) playing with tools on the computer with a friend - learning together as we played
156) the delight of figuring out what can be done
157) the surprise of seeing what is possible
158) the satisfaction of organizing even the smallest thing - like the fabric in my closet
159) getting to know a friend better by spending time together
160) catching a whiff of lily-of-the-valley wafting through my living room
161) digging in the soil and getting soil under my fingernails (This is for you, Mom and Dad.  I really wanted to use the word dirt here as it seems to fit so much better.)

162) putting plants in pots and arranging them on the front steps

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