Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beauty Outweighs Burdens

"For those who can see, the world’s beauty outweighs its burdens, its grace greater than its grime."   Ann Voskamp on her blog A Holy Experience   
And the list of 1000 Gifts continues.....
163) cold feet warming up under a cozy fleece blanket
164) rereading cards expressing love and prayers
165) the words of children - speaking God's Words into my life
166) clean towels folded neatly in the closet
167) finding fabrics that will work in a quilt
168) fresh spring leaves glistening in the sun against a blue sky
169) finishing a walk - just ahead of the rain coming
170) rain droplets on the end of a pine branch (spruce or fir?)
171) daffodils brightening a gray morning
172) fresh morning walk
173) loving note from a student, showing me the face of God (Thanks, N.)
174) my parents' 53rd anniversary - commitment and faithfulness and God's grace
175) the peaceful feeling given by purged and organized shelf and drawers
176) daily phone calls from a sister

177) incredible variety in flowers - demonstrating God's insurmountable creativity

178) shadows - because  they mean that the sun is peeking through the clouds
179) bleeding hearts
180) successfully putting a link on this blog!

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