Saturday, June 25, 2011

1000 Gifts

And the list of 1000 gifts goes on...

225) a few raindrops while walking which inspired me to shorten my route and make it inside before the skies opened up
226) random gift of a movie coupon while standing in line to pay for a movie
227) dinner and movie with a friend
228) chance encounter at a coffee shop
229) joining small group for devotions
230) long summer nights
231) a warm sunny day
232) no pain after somewhat strenuous activity
233) watching a bird hop across the grass
234) child's delight in planting carrots and watering the rows
235) clean windows - on the inside now, too!
236) a clean house, thanks to a friend's generosity
237) people willing to bend the rules and accommodate individual circumstances
238) a walk and laughs with a friend (40 minutes and no pain!)
239) the smell of freshly chopped herbs
240) new perspective after a man I met walking commented on how he used to be fit like me and better able to walk
241) clean water to drink
242) being able to cook dinner for a friend
243) a Saturday afternoon nap
244) playing Scrabble with a friend

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