Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Blue Jay

I've had this slip of paper beside my computer for almost a week now.  All it says is blue jay.  But that's enough to lift my spirits.  Let me explain.

Last Wednesday morning my world was shaken.  At one point that afternoon I noticed a blue jay in the lilac bush outside my living room window.  We have experienced a long and cold winter and there seems to be no sign of spring coming.  (Well, the last two days have given hope for spring.)  Lots of snow.  Weather still colder than normal.  And yet, there he (she?) was.  Sitting on the lilac branches.  A blue jay.  Not an especially common bird around here.  Although I have seen one or two periodically the last couple of summers.  The blue jay sat there for awhile.  And I sat there just watching.  And saying thank you to God for this gift - on a day that wasn't the greatest for me.  The blue jay made me smile and lifted my spirits. 

Thank you, God, for the little gifts you send us daily.  The surprises that lift our hearts and turn us back to you.  Keep my eyes open to see those gifts, my ears open to hear those gifts (like the birds singing yesterday), and my heart open to experience those gifts.

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