Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Change in an Instant

I've heard people say that their life changed in an instant - and never really thought about it.  Until now.  My life changed in an instant last week.  And I still feel as if it's all surreal.  Is this really happening?  To me?  Yup, it is.  On Thursday I will have surgery to remove cancerous tissue.  Not only has my life changed, but who I am has changed.  I am a very private person.  Usually.  Still have some of that, but most of the barriers and filters have been dropped.  I thought I would just dissolve into a puddle when difficulties arose.  But, so far, thanks to the strength of God and prayers of SO many people, I haven't.  Oh, I've had my moments of panic and melting down.  But usually only moments. 

This afternoon I read through a book where I've been collecting quotes.  And I found quite a number that are resonating strongly in my life right now.

"We come closest to God at our lowest moments.  It's easiest to hear God when you are stripped of arrogance and pride, when you have nothing to rely on except God.  It's pretty painful to get to that part, but when you do, God's there."   Terry Anderson

"God does protect His people, but not by removing them from the battle!  As long as there's one person out there who hasn't been given a choice, who doesn't know about Jesus, the war goes on, and we have to stay here and fight.  Evil affects us.  We get wounded.  We get killed.  But we don't suffer the ultimate effects of evil.  Our spirit is protected - with God's help.  We get cancer.  We die.  But Christians do not despair."   Athol Dickson in Whom Shall I Fear?

"God's love toward me had never changed.  The bad things in my life weren't evidence that He didn't love me anymore.... It was God's love that allowed me to go through suffering."    Harry Kraus in Serenity

"Truly the light is sweet...there is never a sweeter light than that which shines after the darkness.  Let me never forget Your light, no matter how great the darkness."   Dianne Noble in The Last Storyteller

"Maybe when you're frightened, you can hear God better because you're listening harder."   Marya Doria Russell in Children of God

"Show us the way, Lord, even if You don't show us the why."  Robin Lee Hatcher in The Shepherd's Voice

"The trick is to realize that the shit that falls on you is fertilizer."  Ron Mongravite

"Light of my heart, do not let my darkness speak to me."  Augustine

"People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there a light from within."   Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


  1. Being someone who loves gardening, the fertilizer analogy is awesome. So true, though, about how much we grow when going through crap!!

  2. The fertilizer quote strikes me too... and it's not just the stuff that hit the fan!