Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reminder to Be Still

I took advantage of seeing the sun this afternoon - and using that boost to convince myself that going for a walk was a good idea.  Normally that's not so hard, but it's been gray and cloudy here for the last while and we're so not used to that.  We delight in our sunny skies.  So today I chose to delight in the moments of blue.  And it was a true gift.

I headed down to a park that I frequent often when walking on weekends.  I almost had to stop in my tracks, because the first thing I saw reminded me to be still.  Here's what it was.

There was a pool of still water set off from the river flowing by.  I've seen it a multitude of times.  But I never really noticed it this way before.  It's part of the same river.  It's the same water.  Just separated by a few stones that are slightly higher than the rest.  And the still part can reflect clear images.  I'm reminded yet again of my need to step out of the flowing water and into the still portion so that I can reflect.  And while inward reflection on life isn't really my forte, I do want to reflect God to the people in my life.  So I need to take the time to be still.  

This fits with the sermon I heard in church this morning.  I must admit that I had to talk myself into going this morning.  The idea of another peaceful day at home was pretty inviting.  But I went.  And I'm glad I did.  The sermon was on God as our Shepherd, based on Ezekiel 34.  The final challenge involved looking at the verbs for the ways that God shepherds us.  We were to choose one and then think about what our response would be to that verb this week.  The one I chose was God talking to us.  Which means my response should be to listen.  It's hard to listen without being still.  So - I will attempt to take time to step out of the river and into the calm so that I can be still and listen.

Part of being still is to take the time to see the gifts of God in my life.  So my list goes on...

1354) peace-filled weekend
1355) hugs from children
1356) being encouraged regarding giftings from God
1357) movie night with friends
1358) activities that feed my soul, like...
1359) reading
1360) creating/sewing
1361) walking and seeing God in the details in the woods
1362 - 1378) the details in photographic form  (Some of these are similar to previous photos, but I firmly believe that we can be delighted again and again by the beauty around us.  And not only can we be repeatedly delighted, but I believe we should be!)

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