Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grace is all around us.

“What we fail to realize is that grace is more than our destination, it is the journey itself, manifested in each breath and with each step we take.  Grace surrounds us, whirls about us like the wind, falls on us like rain.  Grace sustains us on our journeys, no matter how perilous they may be and, make no mistake, they are all perilous.  We need not hope for grace, we merely need to open our eyes to its abundance.  Grace is all around us, not just in the hopeful future but in the miracle of now.   Richard Paul Evans in The Road to Grace   p. 232

Grace is all around us.  It is in every step of our journey.  I know this to be true.  And yet I don't always see that grace with every step I take.  The "tasks" of the day can act as blinders.  I am thankful for the moments of time where I am able to stop, to be somewhat still, and open my eyes to the grace that is all around me.  And I need to remind myself to try to do so more often.

Here are some of the signs of grace I've seen around me.

1379) birds eating seeds from one of my trees
1380) finishing stages of a quilt for my sister

1381) blue sky
1382) blankets of snow
1383) sunshine
1384) feeling organized
1385) meeting mini-goals
1386) dinner out with friends
1387) a little bird coming close to me, and resting on a branch while I was out on a walk
1388) finding my scarf!
1389) finishing a bag
1390) being able to bless a young mom with the bag
1391) reconnecting with friends at a baby shower
1392) encouragement and love from my school community
1393) trying out new recipes - curry pumpkin soup and pan-fried quinoa cakes
1394) enjoying the flavours of these foods
1395) wide variety of foods God created for us
1396) a warm home
1397) a safe and trusty vehicle
1398) seeing growth in students
1399 - 1413) the sights of a day in a winter wonderland


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