Sunday, November 13, 2011

Response to Life

Father, You have given me this day.  May I live it to Your glory.  Let my response to life be an encouragement to those around me.  You give me purpose.  Amen.
That's it.  Nothing more to add to this.  It speaks for itself.  And I really need to repeat this every morning.  Maybe every afternoon and evening, too.

The list of gifts continues.......
643) words of encouragement
644) a young girl applying life principles to a major event in her life
645) full moon in a sky tinges with pink
646) students finding solutions to a challenging problem
647) Remembrance Day
648) talking and laughing with friends
649) encouragement from parents of students
650) hugs from children
651) messages from friends and family on my answering machine
652) lunch with family
653) a day with a friend
654) enjoying the creative gifts of others
655) the beauty of the golden rolling hills of the foothills
656) panekoeken
657) warming up under a cozy fleece blanket
658) giving a friend a home-made bag for her birthday
659) celebrating a friend's birthday with her
660) students delighting in what they have accomplished
661) watching students find ways to solve difficult problems
662) a guest speaker who gets students thinking about important justice issues
663) Saturday morning quilting with friends
664) the giggles over vacuuming fabric fluff off my feed (and clothes, truth be told)
665) trying out an idea found on the Internet - a Jelly Roll 1600 quilt

666) dinner out of my freezer, a reminder of the gift my community is to me
667) moonlight filtering through the clouds, creating a beautiful and mysterious glow
668) scalp massage while getting my hair washed prior to a haircut
669) the sacrament of baptism, where God's claim on a child is demonstrated
670) the picture of community surrounding these children and families in prayer
671) the deceptively simply combination of flavours - carrots, ginger, onion, broth - creating delectable soup

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  1. Kinda cool the 1600 quilt. Looks great. Did you put a border on it? I have done a couple and one I put a border on and the other I didn't.