Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quilt of Hope

There is an online Quilt Festival going on right now.  I enjoy looking through the blogs, admiring the quilts, and reading the stories of the quilts.  And I decided that I would add my quilt and story to the mix. 

Technically, this is not yet a quilt.  It's not even quite a quilt top as it is waiting for two more strips to be added to the edges.  But it is still my quilt of hope. 

Here's why.  Last spring I suddenly had to go in for surgery.  And it was pretty serious surgery.  I ended up having the opportunity go out of town the weekend before the surgery.  The object of the weekend away was a quilt show in a city nearby.  As my dear friend and I wandered around the quilt show, I said that it probably wasn't a great idea for me to be buying any fabric at the time.  My friend just looked at me and told me that I should not be saying that.  Feeling duly chastened (and having been given permission to buy more fabric), I bought a bunch of fat quarters in browns and blues.  Those fat quarters ended up being the basis of this quilt top.  It truly is my quilt of hope. 

(Oh, and God was good.  The surgery went well!)

Check out the other quilts in the festival.

So, apparently I don't know how to add buttons so the button doesn't work.  Use this link.     Bloggers' Quilt Festival    


  1. i like this quilt - the brown and yellow isn't my normal color range, but it looks quite nice and welcoming....perhaps i need to give it a try sometime in the near future.

    also i'm glad that your surgery was a success and i hope that you are fully recovered - recovering from any type of operation is awful. =)

  2. I like the colors you have chosen. Very pretty. :)


  3. Just shows that simple blocks can make great quilts! Pleased to hear that the operation went well, and yay to the friend who talked you into getting the fabric!!!