Monday, July 4, 2011

Moments of Happiness

"Happiness is not one long continuous state of being.  Like life itself, happiness is made up of moments.  Some are fleeting, lasting no longer than the length of a sweet song, yet the sum total of those moments can create a glow that sustains you."     Susan Wiggs in The Goodbye Quilt    p. 117

I was once asked if I was happy.  I had to take a few moments to think about that, wondering what the definition of happiness was.  Did I smile all the time?  Did I enjoy everything I did?  Does happiness mean bliss?  The answer to each of these was, for me, definitely "No."  But does that mean I wasn't happy?  In the end, I answered that I was happy, qualifying it (not sure why I felt I had to do that) by saying that I was content.  My life is good, filled with a job I love, wonderful friends, a community where I belong, and an abundance of blessings from God.
As I've walked through these past months, I would now answer that "Yes, I am happy."  And I think the quote above is more what happiness means to me.  Taking the time to notice and enjoy the moments and the gifts has enriched my life and helped me really see the multitude of gifts God sends my way each day.  Do I always smile?  No.  Do I always love everything I do?  No - I mean really, taking out the garbage?  BUT my life is filled with moments of grace and blessing.
Here are some more of those gifts, part of the happiness that sustains me.
245) clean air
246) word pictures such as this one -
"There is a story about two small roads that ran side by side. They chatted as they wound in and out of country places, laughing with the brook, sighing with the wind, and resting now and then along the level knolls. There they watched the trees put on their green gloves in springtime, raise their leafy umbrellas for summer shade, wind tawny shawls around their shoulders in autumn, and lace their limbs with snowflakes when winter came." Emilie Barnes in Walk With Me Today, Lord p. 145
247) feeling strong and energetic
248) flowers that close up at night and open in the morning
249) when life doesn't go as planned and pleasant surprises pop up
250) dinner with loves ones in the evening sun - overlooking a beautiful fountain and golf course
251) thanks from others
252) help from others - coming home and finding a crew raking the grass (thanks K.W.)
253) sitting on the step enjoying time and cold drinks with that same crew
254) going back to work (even if only for 2 days before being on summer holidays - or maybe because of that)
255) spontaneous walks in Griffith Woods with dear friends (thanks, S.B. and J. N.)
256) deer bounding across the pathway
257) a glorious summer morning, complete with walk and tea on the front step
258) celebrating the great country I am blessed to call home

259) bumping into friends and enjoying a picnic lunch in the park
260) iridescent colours on bubbles floating through the air
261) a BBQ with great friends
262) roasted red pepper hummus
263) the first strawberries of the season, fresh from the plants in my backyard
264) voices harmonizing in song
265) a new song that contains words that echo my experience (Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer)
266) irises and
267) tiger lilies

268) water droplets on flowers

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