Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glittering Mica

“Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of gray cement.  It would be wonderful if they would come to us unsummoned, but particularly in lives as busy as the ones most of us lead now, that won’t happen.  We have to teach ourselves how to make room for them, to love them, and to live, really live.”  Anna Quindlen (A Short Guide to a Happy Life) quoted by Katie Couric in The Best Advice I Ever Got   p. 228

These past days and weeks have been filled with these small pieces of glittering mica.  In fact, some of them were rather large pieces of glittering mica.  Truly filling my soul.  And for that, I give thanks to God.  And to those who have been a part of providing the opportunities to see the glittering.  I am so blessed.

Here are those pieces of glitter that have brightened my life.  The list of 1000 gifts continues.  (Some photos will be added once I am home on my own computer.)

291) the generosity of others
292) a Stampede BBQ 
293) the opportunity to catch up with people I hadn't seen in years
294) the sound of my name coming from the mouths of children I love
295) praying with children as they go to bed
296) God watering my garden with rain
297) field of pink along the highway
298) glorious scenery - rolling hills of green
299) sitting in the shade looking at a peaceful, idyllic lake
300) sounds of fish jumping in the lake
301) two turtles sunning themselves on a rock
302) children chattering as they "play" with crayfish
303) little fish swimming in the lake
304) turtle poking his head out of the water
305) remnants of history - old buildings with great character
 306) surprise detours/changes in plans
307) shade and a breeze on a hot summer day
308) sunshine sparkling in the ripples on the lake
309) the smell of freshly mowed grass
310) watching a turtle swim, climb on a log, and bask in the sun

Company has come, so I'll pause to visit.

Visit is done. It was good.

311) 2 deer watching us walk by
312) double rainbow
313) ginger lemonade frozen yogurt - YUM!
314) canola fields in the morning sun
315) watching a hawk dip into the lake and fly away with a fish in its talons
316) watching a turtle gather courage to climb back onto a log
317) sunny ripples in the water
318) watching a badger watch us as we were hiking
319) laying on the grass and watching the clouds
320) sitting cozily in the front of the boat exploring the lake
321) the delightful invigorating smell of the woods
322) the magnificence of the osprey keeping watch over its nest
232) the full moon and a clear starry night
324) the crackle of the campfire
325) watching 2 beautiful birds play with each other - one with a blue head and one with a red chest (not a robin)
326) nights that are cool enough to warrant the use of an extra blanket
327) cool, crisp summer mornings with the promise of a beautiful summer day to come
328) watching mist rise off the lake in the early morning sun
329) the magnificence of lightning during a thunderstorm
330) the comfort of shelter during a thunderstorm
331) the magic and mystery of a misty summer morning on the lake

332) the sound of birds' wings flapping as they fly by
333) how fast dragonfly's wings move - so fast you can't see the wings as the dragonfly flies by
334) the glorious yellow of canola fields ripening - against the backdrop of blue sky and darkening storm clouds

335) coming in to hugs from parents
336) a sister's delight when I answer the phone at our parents' house
337) an evening walk with my dad
338) the North Saskatchewan River valley as a backdrop for a morning walk

339) getting the Q on a triple letter score - and getting to double it with two words
340) an evening with family - celebrating the engagement of a cousin
341) hearing stories from the family's past
342) visiting with a family friend over coffee and tea
343) a sister's delight at progress on a task
344) remembering the gift of spending time with others - laughing and getting to know them so much better (Thanks, C.V., H.T., G.J., S.B., and R.B.)

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