Monday, December 31, 2012

Catching up

Catching up on some gifts.

And enjoying the chance to relive the special times in the past month.

1465) thought-provoking Christmas program at church - the meaning of Christ's gift for us as restoration from exile
1466) feeling of peace as I went about my day
1467) an iron that shuts off automatically (especially when I forget to turn it off!)
1468) encouraging parent-teacher conferences
1469) yummy mini-brownies
1470) the quiet hum of a classroom of students occupied by games they have created
1471) kind notes and gifts from students and their parents
1472) the delight of anticipation as I worked on cards to give students - cards with photos of their own artwork
1473) celebrating a birthday with a friend
1474) lunch with a friend
1475) relatives from far away arriving for a visit here - and a white Christmas
1476) safe travels on somewhat dicey roads
1477) a car I feel safe driving
1478) time to spend with family
1479) a peace-filled last day of school - with students enjoying each other
1480) students breaking into applause at the end of our Advent story - Bartholomew's Passage - and the climax of the birth of Christ
1481) the gift of words - in students' retelling of the delight of the Christmas story
1482) the gift of holidays - time off, time to refresh
1483) enjoying an afternoon with an aunt and uncle - working on a crossword puzzle, a mammoth crossword puzzle
1484) AND the gift of the Internet to find answers we had NO idea about
1485) time around the kitchen table reading teh paper together
1486) time around the kitchen table playing cards together
1487) time around the kitchen table playing word games together
1488) the ability to laugh at ourselves - together
1489) watching my Grandma play a game on Christmas Day

1490) family working together with ease and efficiency as we prepared for meals and cleaned up after dinner for 28
1491) the delight my cousin took in the quilt I made for her and for her husband for their wedding

1492) his delight too!
1493) being able to help lighten things, even a little, for my mom
1494) a niece's engagement
1495) the annual family book exchange
1496) opportunity to delight my uncle's wife by giving away my book from the exchange (since I'd read it already)
1497) opportunity to delight my cousin by giving her the "extra" book I bought for the exchange
1498) the positive reception for my contribution to the exchange - The Book of Useless Information
1499) watching my nephews playfully walk together

1500) my cousin's wedding and her joy!
1501) his too!
1502) the beautiful way they recognized and included her mom who had recently died.
1503) out to the movies with 15 family members!
1504) home for a different movie with many of the same family members
1505) working on a jigsaw puzzle with my sister-in-law and my niece's fiancĂ©
1506) delighting my niece by finishing the baby quilt we sewed together in August

1507) catching up with family and friends via Christmas cards and letters
1508) enjoying being with siblings at dinner during Alena and Chris' wedding
1509) when all the nieces and nephews joined us around our table when theirs had to clear off the dance floor
1510) that they wanted to join us!
1511) sleeping "later"
1512) my dad making oatmeal for breakfast
1513) and fishing out the raisins for me
1514) the very generous Christmas gift from my Grandma
1515) the very generous Christmas gift from my parents
1516) the very generous Christmas gift from my nephews - making lasagne for all of us
1517) people telling me when I've dropped a glove
1518) hugs
1519) Toblerone chocolate
1520) the pleasant company of my cousin and her friend Alison on the return journey home
1521) the unique coour int he winter afternoon sky
1522) the bit of a rainbow in the winter afternoon sky
1523) good decision to stop in a less busy location
1524) dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and niece's fiancĂ©
1525) waming up under a fleece blanket
1526) working on a tedious task with family to make the time go by - and almost erase the tedium
1527) a friend trusting me with deep thoughts and stories
1528) praying for words to use in response to these stories - and being given the right words
1529) clean sheets!
1530) sunlight sparkling on the snow
1531) candied giner
1532) food in the freezer so I can feed company
1533) having company
1534) specifically - Maria,
1535) Arlen,
1536) and Elaine
1537) sunshine and blue skies
1538) school Christmas program
1539) phone calls from friends
1540) quiet mornings
1541) breakfast with my niece and her fiance which gives
1542) a time to connect and build relationships
1543) the feeling of satisfaction when dropping completed Christmas cards into the mailbox

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