Sunday, October 28, 2012


"All gold does not glitter."  (Richard Paul Evans in The Road to Grace - p. 139)

I read these words this afternoon.  They struck a chord with me.  We live in a world that honours glitter and glitz.  We live in a world that honours those who "stand out" in particular ways.  And I think that this causes us to miss out on a lot of gold.  That is such a shame.  God has created so much gold in His world. We just need to stop and look to see it.  That's a daily challenge for me.

Here is some of the gold I've seen in my life lately.

1336) playing with fabric - cutting out a quilt top
1337) the sensation of anticipation and delight at the prospect of beginning a new project
1338) the surprise of running into a friend
1339) a very productive afternoon of errands
1340) getting a stack of "heavy" marking done
1341) parent volunteers!
1342) positive comments on a lesson observed by an administrator (and the lesson was first thing Monday after an extra long break - 5 days)
1343) insights and information shared by students after research time
1344) the beauty of frost on trees and leaves
1345) peanut butter and chocolate
1346) beauty in changing seasons (even if the snow is a tad on the early side)

1352) Saturday morning quilting with friends
1353) people who stand up for what is right

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