Saturday, September 29, 2012


Time to gather again.  Time to gather memories and make note of the gifts that I have received.  Gifts from God.  Gifts that bring peace and joy to my life.

The idea of gathering comes from a line in a book I read recently.  "We all sow weeds along with with the flowers.  Gather the flowers and give the weeds to God.  He does amazing things with our messes."  A Time to Gather by Sally John and Gary Smalley  (p. 31)

I realize that this doesn't totally mean what I'm using it for.  But the idea of focussing on the positive is what I want to cultivate.  Too often I can dwell on the negative - things I didn't do right, things I wanted to do but didn't get to, etc.  By focussing on the positive, on the flowers instead of the weeds, I believe I can see/experience God more deeply.  (That doesn't mean that I don't have to try to mend things that need mending.  It just means that I want to shake some of my tendencies to brood on the weeds.)

So, here I go - gathering the flowers of my life.

1185) picnic with KM at Big Hill Springs
1186) spending time with my oldest niece
1187) helping this niece make her first quilt
1188) her delight in her success
1189) "sewing" time with friends
1190) cool evening air
1191) chatting with neighbours
1192) the sweet smell of sweet peas
1193) refreshing water
1194) sitting around a fire with my sister and one of our nieces
1195) sitting by a fire with a friend
1196) enjoying a cup of chai tea with the paper on a relaxed summer morning
1197) reconnecting with friends after a time away
1198) watching a family celebrate their mother together
1199) chatting with neighbours
1200) watching children play in a pool in their backyard - the boy running and leaping into the water
1201) visiting my grandma with my brother and a sister
1202) time with family in Edmonton
1203) time with the a sister and her family at their acreage
1204) the rugged beauty of tree stumps juxtaposed with green algae covered water and fresh yellow flowers
1205) shopping with E and finding fabric for a quilt for her
1206) a little yellow bird in the tree in my front yard
1207) good walks with a sister
1208) playing multi-generational games of croquet and bocce ball in the backyard
1209) meeting a dear friend's fiancé
1210) apple raspberry crisp
1211) finding my iPad charger
1212) a walk with JR
1213) getting things in place for a new school year
1214) dinner and movie with SB
1215) finding good deals on new clothes
1216) fresh corn on the cob
1217) sounds of summer
1218) squirrel chattering in the forest
1219) wind rustling in the leaves
1220) water burbling over rocks
1221) words like burbling
1222) celebrating communion at church
1223) the aroma of sweet peas
1224) hawk at the side of the road
1225) warm sun on my back
1226) hawk soaring overhead
1227) a fresh pedicure
1228) having my legs and feet massaged
1229) coming home to a surprise gift and letter from a friend I haven't heard from in a long time
1230) golden morning light
1231) delightfully rich fall colours
1232) yellow leaves against brilliant blue sky
1233) sweet peas!
1234) afternoons off
1235) sitting and reading on my step on a fall morning... or afternoon
1236) garden fresh carrots
1237) spontaneity
1238) hugs from children
1239) encouragement
1240) inspiring words
1241) being able to encourage someone else
1242) laughter
1243) climbing a hill and looking over a prairie scene
1244) the warmth of the fall sun
1245) meeting a goal
1246) time with friends
1247) seeing a friend look happier than I've seen her recently
1248) a new BBQ
1249) a friend who helped me put the BBQ together
1250) drains that do their job - which is to drain
1251) clean sheets with the delicious aroma of drying in the sun
1252) developing relationships with new students
1253) watching my students interact with younger students
1254) brilliant red sun rising on delightful fall days
1255) making new connections with students
1256) dinner theatre in Rosebud - Tuesdays with Morrie
1257) bed and breakfast in Rosebud
1258) delightful breakfast company at B and B
1259) morning walk in Rosebud
1260) climbing a hill
1261) looking out over the prairies from the hilltop - river, farms, fall colours - PEACE
1262) parent volunteers on field trips
1263) conversation on a drive to Vulcan
1264) attending an art show
1265) the delight on the artist's face when she saw that we came
1266) impromptu tea invitation
1267) being able to at least pop by
1268) sweet peas still blooming at the end of September
1269) delightful little park in Strathmore

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