Sunday, May 6, 2012


I don't remember where I found this quote, but it's been swirling around my head the last couple of weeks.

Life is not about what I want to do, but who I want to be.

And an accompanying one (with an equally foggy memory of discovery) is this.

Every single choice we make, no matter how small, is the ground where who we are meets what is in the world.

A big part of this swirling of ideas is that I need to find the balance between doing and being.  I know I can't just be because some things need to be done of course.  But I don't want what I do to determine who I am.  When I read over what I just wrote, I really don't know what it means, but it's part of what's going on in my head.

Part of who I want to be is one who notices the ways God blessed me.  So the list of gifts continues.

1003) having a garage (especially during spring snowstorms of heavy snow)
1004) having run my errands last night BEFORE the snow came
1005) my grandmother's 96th birthday
1006) a morning with a friend
1007) celebrating a friend's 60th birthday
1008) protection from harm for a dear family travelling
1009) kale chips
1010) witnessing profession of faith of 7 young men and women
1011) seeing a friend who's been under stress looking happy
1012) finishing work that had been weighing down my mind
1013) anticipating my new patio and sidewalk
1014) yummy breakfast bagel at the market
1015) beginning spring clean up in the yard
1016) feeling the warmth of the sun on my back
1017) delighting in seeing the beginnings of grape hyacinth blossoms
1018) the first day of no socks this year!
1019) the light feeling of leaving the house without a jacket
1020) a Sunday afternoon walk with J.W. and I.S.
1021) felling really delight in noticing spring this year
1022) pussy willows - given away at church and now in my living room - looking rusting and elegant at the same time
1023) finding a new flavour of tea and liking it - mojito - mint lime
1024) opening my windows and bringing fresh air inside
1025) 2 walks in one day
1026) positive news on my 1 year check up
1027) children sharing the good news of Easter with the school community
1028) the smell after rain
1029) children expressing concern for a teacher in pain
1030) Saturday morning with a friend
1031) Sunday afternoon walk with a friend
1032) hugs in the hallway at school
1033) spring sunshiny and warmth
1034) spring rains
1035) the wound of water gurgling over stones
1036) a quick glimpse of blue flitting about - a blue butterfly
1037) caterpillar on the pathway
1038) a meal prepared - and ready for the week
1039) going to an open house where I knew next to nobody and making conversation with strangers
1040) stepping out the door on a sunny morning after a week of rain
1041) grape hyacinths
1042) a new rain jacket - one that almost makes me want to walk in the rain
1043) laughing deeply with a dear colleague
1044) a gift of time to do reading assessments
1045) the way two students described me - she looks old on the outside, but is young on the inside
1046) orange tulips opening up in my living room
1047) a visit with a colleague and receiving sage advice from her
1048) feeling peace about a decision
1049) seeing a colleague who is currently off work
1050) being asked to pray for a family under stress - being trusted with that gift
1051) going to bed with clean sheets - sheer delight
1052) clean laundry
1053) the surprise of finding a long list of thanks when I initially thought there wouldn't be much to list
1054) asparagus pizza
1055) celebrating family birthdays
1056) BBQ hamburgers
1057) seeing crocuses while on a walk with a friend


  1. Have you noticed how often your thankfuls have to do with your relationships? It seems to me that you are storing up your treasures in the right place, as relationships are the only thing we get to take with us when we leave this place! I am blessed to call you my friend and my colleague and am looking forward SO MUCH to being in relationship with you forever! S

  2. Thanks, my friend. Thank you for pointing that out to me. Thank you for You and who you are to me. And Yes, that whole forever thing is something to look forward to!