Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Art of Life

Every happening, great or small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.   Malcolm Muggeridge quoted in Carolyn Arends’ Wrestling with Angels  p. 41
The art of life.  I want to live such a life, a life that demonstrates the art of living.  As I head into the first official full week of a new school year, I want to be prayerfully aware of living a life that listens to God.  I will admit to being somewhat concerned that the busy-ness of life will crowd out the lessons and the habits I have learned in the detour my life has taken.  Lord, I pray that You will help me see the happenings in my life, to really see them.  And in so doing, to hear You and truly get Your message.
What follows are some of the happenings in my life.....
404) a summer evening walk in a nearby park
405) managing to find a place to park in that very busy and crowded part
406) a cool breeze which refreshes when walking
407) the variety of bird songs heard while walking in the park
408) light at the end of the tunnel - the gift of light as it plays on the trees

409) the setting sun illuminating huge billowy clouds
410) the satisfaction of coming to a decision
411) a friend who helps move furniture
412) seeing a good story come to life on the big screen (The Help)
413) Thai chicken pizza with freshly picked cilantro
414) a rainbow shining through the rainstorm
415) getting a classroom unpacked and finding room for most things
416) a willing friend who helps and who loves organizing (Thanks, E.B.)
417) sitting in a park on a summer evening, enjoying mint tea and the company of a friend
418) watching a rabbit chow down on dandelion leaves it finds in my lawn
419) the crisp, clean white of freshly painted window trim
420) the warmth of the sun on my shoulders as I run errands
421) hugs and expressions of compassion as a welcome back to work
422) excitement about new relationships with a new set of students
423) a bright little sliver of a moon
424) the first sweet peas of the season brightening my living room
425) sunshine warming my shoulders as I walk during a lunch break
426) watching butterflies flit around
427) laughter
428) a gifted story-teller
429) being inspired at the beginning of a new school year
430) a school secretary and her daughter who go above and beyond
431) colleagues who pitch in and help the secretary
432) morning walks
433) summer evenings
434) watching the sunset colours play on the clouds, changing and dancing
435) playing Scrabble in the park with a friend
436) managing 2 (yes, 2!) 7 letter words in one Scrabble game
437) a day of meandering, without much agenda, and discovering as we went along
438) plumbers
439) a free-flowing and quickly draining tub
440) successfully modifying a recipe never tried before - Mexican Quinoa Salad

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