Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yes, it's a new year.

Yes, 2011 has begun.  This post has been swimming around in my head in various bits and pieces for the last number of days.  I'm not a fan of New Year's celebrations.  I enjoyed my quiet week and night at home.  Then it was back to work on Monday.  And all things were "normal" again.

Last year, rather than make resolutions, I chose 3 words to be my focus for the year.  That was somewhat successful.  So - I'm going to try it again.  But I'm going to cut it back to two in an attempt to more intentionally focus on the goals.  I know I won't succeed perfectly, but any steps to improvement count.  Even if they're baby steps.

In fact, I think I'm going to keep two of the words from 2010 to use for my focus for 2011.  BALANCE AND GRATITUDE.

I recently read a book of Amish proverbs.  (Thanks for lending it to me, Sharon.)  One that struck me with regard to balance was this one.  "Many times we are climbing mountains when we ought to be quietly resting."  How true.  And then there's the challenge - when I'm quietly resting, should I be reading, should I be quilting, should I be just being?  Today has been a good balance of some reading, some quilting, some talking with family, and now some pondering.  I even shoveled snow - brrrr, it's cold outside today!

My challenge to me is to consciously make decisions about balance and gratitude for the journey I'm on, the pathways God puts me on.

Balance - good balance of activities today
Gratitude - for my mother and my brother who both called today, for hobbies that are fulfilling and creative, for a warm house!, and for music which kept me company today.

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