Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daily gifts from God

One of my recent goals is to consciously think of the wonders God puts in my life on a daily basis. There are the big wonders and smaller wonders. I think that I often take things for granted - and I want to live more consciously, more aware of God's amazing goodness to me. Today I went to an art show. Wow! God has blessed us with His gift of creativity. While not everything appealed to me, I sure saw lots that made me smile, that made me go "Aaaa." What a blessing the gift of art is. There were pictures of the special, of the mundane, and of uncertain/unspecified (read abstract). What an abundant world. Here's a picture I took awhile ago - a picture of the small things we often don't see, but which show God's creativity and small signs of beauty.

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